Importance of Knowing The Differences

Importance of Knowing The Differences

Knowing When Symptoms Could Be A Cold, Flu, Or Covid-19

Cancer patients, particularly those getting treatment will have compromised immunity systems making it progressively seriously difficult to fight-off a case of Covid-19.

So how do you know if what you or a loved one has contracted is simply the common cold or flu, as opposed to the more dangerous COVID-19 virus? City of Hope’s Jana Dickter, M.D., associate clinical professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, helps us to understand how to tell the difference, how to protect yourself, when to stay home and when to seek medical help.

Read this article by City of Hope on how to tell the differences in symptoms which can be very similar. It discusses how to avoid the illnesses, how they spread, how to manage them, and when and to seek help.to seek emergence help.