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Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in March 2012, Camille is An 11-Year Survivor

Written By Tony Subia
October 21, 2019
Edited July 2023

Diagnosed: March 2012
Status: No Sign of Active Cancer

“I had always been active, reasonably healthy, and visited my family physician regularly for check-ups” Camille said. ” But in early 2012 I began feeling depressed, fatigued, and a general feeling of malaise.” Camille said. ” Since the symptoms were relatively minor, I brushed them off.”

But the symptoms became more intense and soon accompanied by some intense pain beneath her breast area. She became more concerned and paid a couple of visits to urgent care trying to source the symptoms. Since she received no definitive answers, she visited a local emergency room where they ordered a CT scan.

Camille waited anxiously for the scan results. Finally the doctor came into the room with a concerned look on his face and told Camille the scan showed spots on her pancreas, liver, and lungs. “In that moment”, she said “I couldn’t believe what he said. I immediately had past visions of my mother dying from pancreatic cancer when I was 24.”

The doctor suggested she be admitted to a hospital for further testing and biopsies to confirm a final diagnosis. Later that day she was admitted to a local hospital that had a comprehensive cancer center where she spent the next seven days being monitored and subjected to a myriad of tests.

“After what seemed like an eternity, an entire team of doctors and nurses came to my room” said Camille. “I immediately knew that meant bad news. I was overwhelmed with fear when they gave me the diagnosis. I had pancreatic cancer. Crying in disbelief, I was almost certain I had little time to live.”

She was sent to have a chemo port inserted and then waited for a visit from the pancreatic cancer oncologist on staff to discuss the prognosis and a suggested plan of action. When the oncologist visited with Camille, he told her that the cancer was detected too late. Although she could elect to take chemotherapy, it likely would not work and she would probably not live past a few months.

She was not going to accept that prognosis and immediately started the search for a second opinion. She was fortunate to get an appointment at the UM/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami hospital. Upon meeting with the new oncologist and his team and after reading all of Camille’s tests he gave his final diagnosis. Stage 4 Metastasized Pancreatic Cancer.

“Some how”, Camille said, “”although devastated, I had a good feeling about this team. They told the severity of my situation would make treatment very difficult, but they were going to give me the best chance possible.”

Camille continued. “This gave me renewed optimism. Although my oncologist was brutally honest about the prognosis, he gave me visions of realistic hope. That with an intense regimen of chemotherapy, he felt confident that it could prolong my life. He gave me a glimmer of light on an otherwise very dark period.”

After a grueling 17 months of intense treatment, her last treatment was in July of 2013. Since her diagnosis was in 2012, she has survived 11 years and has no sign of active cancer. She is so grateful to be alive and so committed to helping other patients cope with the same ordeal. She intends to dedicate her life’s mission to spreading awareness about this brutal disease and fundraising to help medical research discover life-extending treatments and eventually prevention and a cure.

Camille Moses has since appeared on local and national television news broadcasts including “Good Morning America” and has been profiled in many published articles. She has made several videos that gives other patients encouragement and the will to fight. She has also lobbied Congress to increase funding for pancreatic cancer research.

“I am so thankful I can help other pancreatic cancer” said Camille Moses

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10 thoughts on “A Valiant Warrior Who Inspires Hope and Courage”

  1. VB says:

    Camille .. u and I are THE SAME .. MY MOM HAD THIS TOO!!!
    I will try to reach out to u somehow ..

    Love & hugs forever!!

  2. Kira Andersen says:

    Hi Camille! Our story is someone similar. My husband is the fighter though. He is currently battling. I sit in the hospital with him as we speak. We are trying to figure out the origin of a potential current infection. We are on a mission for total and complete eradication of his disease. We are also on a mission to spread awareness and are currently seeking funding for a novel treatment we have been gifted with. We are being seen at Siteman in St Louis. For more on our story, please contact me or follow me on instagram. @theessentialsbykira

    My husband is only 47 and we have 3 young toddlers. This has made a mess of the last 6 months but we fight on. We will make it just like you!!!

  3. Patty says:

    Thank you…I’m going to survive too

  4. Jim Todaro says:

    Did you have any radiation treatment or just chemo?

  5. Eleni says:

    Hi Camille! Please sent me a messange your protocol please ! My mother has head pancreatic cancer . She is 58 years old with a kid 20.! Please please ! Lenareflex2@hotmail.com

  6. Camille Moses says:

    Just chemo

  7. Sandy Phillips says:

    I was diagnosed June 17, 2019 with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Almost 4 years ago. Loved your story. I am going to beat this cancer also with God’s help.

  8. Maryanne Hardin Winchester says:

    Thank you for sharing! Diagnosed Stage IV 11/2021. Was NED for a short period of time after Folfurinox, and 2 surgeries. Now doing GemAbraxane for a small reoccurence in liver Did chemo alone banish your cancer? Which treatment(s) did you do? Did you find out if you have a gene mutation?

  9. Thomas Hawkins says:

    Hello Camille,
    Your story is amazing gets hopes to all others fighting this awful disease. I was diagnosed which stage four pancreatic cancer in April 2021 some small spots on my liver and stomach lining. I also went for a second opinion at Dana-Farber Cancer center in Boston, Massachusetts.
    My pancreatic cancer is a rare form called Acinar which only represents one percent of all pancreatic cancer patients.I am now on my 54th chemo treatment over the past 2 1/2 years and my recent scans from the last nine months show that the cancer can’t be seen on the scans. My oncologist has not said anything about being cancer free and recommended surgery. Thank you again for your wonderful story that give hope to all fighting pancreatic cancer. ❤️
    My question is, did they ever mention surgery after cancer disappeared?

  10. Pam Conlin says:

    I am a breast cancer survivor and currently battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Camille, you are such an inspiration. I will not let this get me. My 11 year old daughter needs me. I am determined to beat this and would love to connect with you.

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