Customatic Technologies: Signature Sponsor

Valued Signature Sponsor of Seena Magowitz Foundation

Written By Debra Gelbart
September 10, 2018

Phil Sherman and Phil McCarty

Roger Magowitz

Phil Sherman, President and Partner of Customatic Technologies met Roger Magowitz about 32-years ago when both worked in the bedding industry. They’ve been close friends ever since. Roger’s Mother, Seena died from pancreatic cancer in 2001 and a year later Roger launched the Seena Magowitz Foundation in honor of his Mother. As close friends of Roger in the earlier years, both Sherman and his present day business partner Phil McCarty, CEO of Customatic Technologies gave modest philanthropic support to the new Foundation.

According to Phil Sherman, “16 years ago about all I could afford was a $500 annual contribution to the fledgling charity towards its Annual Golf Classics. I often felt so insignificant as prominent names in the bedding industry leaders donated much larger contributions. Yet Roger always found a way to make me feel special despite my small modest donations.

As a longtime mattress executives, Phil Sherman and his business partner established Customatic Adjustable Bedz in 2010. Although Sherman and McCarty were individually supportive of Seena Magowitz Foundation before 2010, as their business profits grew, the size of their contributions to the foundation chronologically grew as well.

Today the company has changed its name to Customatic Technologies and stands firmly committed as a consequential Signature Sponsor of the Annual Golf Classics and continues to make the foundation its primary charitable cause. Both Phils consider themselves as Ambassadors for the Foundation.

Enjoying Success While Giving Back

Today in 2018 the company offers nearly two dozen different products, including 12 different options for premium adjustable models of beds; three different shippable models of beds; four different models of advanced high-tech mattresses, along with a complete collection of promotional to premium specialty mattresses; and home accessories.

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“Our entire team which now includes Roger Magowitz as its Executive Vice President is driven by technology and focuses on incorporating innovative solutions into its product lines to expand market share.” Sherman said. Over the past two years, the company has introduced a number of products designed to work in other rooms of the home in addition to bedrooms.

Innovations include the Room Caddie, the P3 Power Pack and most recently its power-adjustable outdoor furniture. The Room Caddie, a fully equipped universal end table designed to manage clutter, features built-in USB and AC ports for charging mobile devises, an LED reading light and an adjustable tray table. The unique P3 Power Pack is a rechargeable battery pack that gives retailers versatility and accessibility in displaying powered products anywhere power is needed, and also provides consumers an easy-to-carry power source for outdoor activities and emergency power outages.

Customatic Technologies currently manufactures about 45,000 adjustable beds every month. “Our growing company success enables us to enlarge our role as a Major Signature Sponsor of the Seena Magowtiz Foundation’s Annual Golf Classic which raises funds for pilot medical research studies and clinical trials in pursuit of methods of early detection, treatments to extend quality life, and ultimately one day….a cure of pancreatic cancer.

Phil McCarty said “It is our distinct honor to support such a worthy cause. Securing funding to help fund pancreatic cancer research is a vitally important undertaking to help speed positive results from medical research that will one day conquer pancreatic cancer, the most brutal of cancers with the lowest 5-year survival rate.”