David Perry


Vital Ambassador Against Pancreatic Cancer

Written By Debra Gelabart
December 2018
Edited March 2020

David Perry knows the mattress industry as well as anyone.

After all he has been a journalist in the arena for decades. And for the past 17 years he has focused on the sleep business as the executive editor and mattress industry writer writer for Furniture Today, the leading trade publication for all aspects of the furniture industry. And as an avid supporter of the Seena Magowitz Pancreatic Cancer Foundation he has helped Roger Magowitz and his Foundation attract a strong allegiance from many of the “who’s who” of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers within the mattress and bedding business.

Perry, who has worked for Furniture Today for 34 years began attending the Annual Seena Magowitz Foundation Golf Classic in 2004 which was held in Scottsdale, Arizona. He most recently attended the 2019 17th Annual Golf Classic which was held in Phoenix at the Arizona Biltmore Resort where over $1.4 Million was raised to fund pancreatic cancer research.

David pointed out that Roger originally started the Foundation in 2001 in honor of his mother (Seena) who lost her battle to pancreatic cancer. Not fully understanding what the impending future held for the fledgling Foundation. Roger has been able to galvanize a synergy of support with the many people and firms who have become dedicated sponsors and advocates committed to an ultimate mission of eradicating pancreatic cancer. Since inception through 2019, the Seena Magowitz Foundation has raised over $13 Million to fund pilot studies towards medical research.

Covering A Critical Cause

David met Roger shortly after he began covering the mattress industry, when Roger owned two mattress retail brands. “I was really blown away by the sense of hope in the air during the first Golf Classic I attended in 2004” David said. “The weather was beautiful and there was a sense that our group could do anything because you just kind of had the feeling everything is going to work out. Even though it was a little bit of a depressing reason we were there, the hope was unmistakable.”

Based in High Point, N.C., the furniture capital of the world, David has promoted and covered the Foundation’s fundraising events in his weekly publication. “As a journalist, I don’t generally advocate for causes, but I do have a column where I’ve been very strong in saying pancreatic cancer research is an important endeavor. I champion the Seena Magowitz Foundation more than any other charitable cause in part because it’s the biggest cause in the industry, but mostly because it’s so deserving of attention and support. I consider myself a very strong supporter of Roger and his Foundation.”

Hope is Always Present

David said he’s hopeful that the world’s leading pancreatic researcher, Daniel Von Hoff, M.D., and his team (who work closely with the Seena Magowitz Foundation and whose research is partially funded the Seena Magowitz Foundation), will one day develop a cure for pancreatic cancer. “He’s getting closer and closer to finding a cure. He’s already done great things in developing new clinical trials. And I really think the Seena Magowitz Foundation is a key driver in Dr. Von Hoff’s fight to cure pancreatic cancer.”

Roger Magowitz “has so many connections and believes in this cause passionately,” David said. “It’s said that the people who change the world are the people who are passionate about what they do. And Roger’s not only driven by the loss of his mother, but he’s such a sensitive, caring person that you just know he wants to change the world. That’s the destiny part of this—that his mother’s death from pancreatic cancer has led to the good Lord lifting Roger up to go on this crusade.”

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