Scientific Achievement Award

Scientific Achievement Award

Dr. Von Hoff To Receive Inaugural AACR Scientific Achievement Award

Recognized For Sustained Scientific Innovation and Accomplishments

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November 25, 2020

The American Association for Cancer Research will recognize Dr. Daniel Von Hoff with its Inaugural Award for outstanding contributions to cancer research, groundbreaking accomplishments as an inspirational educator, and his sustained scientific innovation that has accelerated advances in cancer science and medicine. He is also being recognized fir extraordinary contributions to the education and training of thousands of clinical cancer investigators.

The award is accompanied by an honorarium and a featured award lecture to be held in conjunction with the AACR Annual Meeting 2021.

His personal tutelage and professional guidance of young clinical fellows and junior clinical faculty for more than two decades have contributed not only to their educational background and training, but also to their ability to apply the principles learned to improve the care of countless cancer patients around the world.

Dr. Von Hoff is a Distinguished Professor and Executive Vice President of Molecular Medicine at the Translational Genomics Institute (TGen) where he focuses on pancreatic cancer research and clinical trials. He is also a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Medical Oncology and Therapeutic Research at City of Hope; the Virginia G. Piper Distinguished for Innovative Research at HonorHealth Clinical Research Institute; Chief Scientific Officer for US Oncology Research; and Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona and Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

World renowned cancer researcher, Dr. Von Hoff has contributed to the discovery and development of many approved anticancer therapeutics that are used routinely in the treatment of numerous types of cancer. These therapeutics include, but are not limited to, dexrazoxane, docetaxel, fludarabine, gemcitabine, irinotecan, mitoxantrone, nab-paclitaxel, paclitaxel, topotecan, vismodegib, pexidartinib, and nanoliposomal irinotecan.

Notably, his work involving gemcitabine and nab-paclitaxel combination therapy in pancreatic cancer patients was one of the first to demonstrate improved response rates, progression-free survival, and overall survival in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Von Hoff has long been a champion and mentor of early-career and early-stage investigators and is dedicated to supporting the professional development of the cancer research workforce. He is revered for conceptualizing the AACR/ASCO Methods in Clinical Cancer Research Workshop and for establishing and guiding the development of the course. As such, the course has become the premier workshop dedicated to educating clinical fellows and junior faculty clinical researchers in oncology specialties in the principles of effective clinical trial designs and therapeutic interventions for the treatment of cancer.

Since its inception in 1996, the workshop has trained more than 2,400 investigators to execute optimally designed clinical research studies. The concept of this workshop has also been globally adapted to similar workshops in Europe as well as Australia, which has drawn attendance from individuals from India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and many other countries within Southeast Asia. Collectively, more than 4,400 young clinical investigators have been trained through these workshops.

“The AACR is thrilled to establish an award to honor Dr. Von Hoff’s exceptional contributions to the training of cancer investigators,” said Margaret Foti, Ph.D., M.D., chief executive officer of the AACR. “Because of Dr. Von Hoff’s foresight and efforts, thousands of early-career cancer investigators around the world have received training in the fundamentals of clinical cancer research and clinical trial design.

These individuals have since saved countless lives. The AACR is deeply grateful to Dr. Von Hoff for his unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of the AACR/ASCO Methods in Clinical Cancer Research Workshop for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide, and we are delighted that he will be celebrated as the inaugural recipient of this prestigious new award created in his name.”

“I am humbled and deeply grateful for this very special honor,” said Dr. Von Hoff. “I share this honor with my incredible colleagues and teachers, who have devoted many thousands of hours to training and mentoring the next generation of clinical investigators. Our goal together has always been to make sure patients would only be asked to participate in well-designed clinical trials, which would answer important questions impacting patient care.”

Dr. Von Hoff has been recognized by the AACR for his many cancer research accomplishments, earning an AACR Distinguished Public Service Award (2019) and the AACR Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Memorial Award (1997). Among his hundreds awards during his distinguished career include the following:

The Bernard Fisher Lectureship from the University of Pittsburgh (2018); Merrill J. Egorin Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award (2018); Gold Medal for Excellence in Clinical Medicine from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (2017); Giants of Cancer Care from OncLive (2016); Researcher of the Year from AZ Business Magazine (2015); Lori Groetken Memorial Lecture and Award from Washington University (2012); Scripps Genomic Medicine Award – Pioneering Implementation of Discoveries (2011); David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology (2010); SU2C Pancreatic Dream Team: Cutting off the Fuel Supply, A New Approach to the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer (2009-2017); SU2C-Cancer Research UK-Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Dream Team: Reprogramming of Transcriptional Circuitry to Control Pancreatic Cancer (2016-2020); William F. McWhorter Community Service Leader of the Year Award (2008); and Weinberg Award from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (2003).

Dr. Von Hoff has published 741 papers, 143 book chapters, and over 1,186 abstracts during his prestigious career.

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