Type 2 Early Onset Diabetes is A Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factor

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Type 2 Diabetes Can Be A Risk Factor, A Symptom and A Cause of Pancreatic Cancer

Written By Tony Subia
April 28, 2022

Type Diabetes Can Be A Symptom and A Cause of Pancreatic Cancer

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose level in you bloodstream is too high. The hormones of insulin and glucagon which are produced by the endocrine function of the pancreas are responsible for regulating healthy levels of blood glucose. So, having diabetes primarily is a problem connected with the pancreas

Type 2 Diabetes is generally caused by an unhealthy diet, poor physical activity, obesity and/or begins with insulin resistance in the pancreas.

New onset Type 2 Diabetes (age 50 or over) who recently developed diabetes are at higher risk of pancreatic cancer within three (3) years of being diagnosed with diabetes (compared to people without diabetes). One study showed that within three years of being diagnosed with diabetes, 85 out of 10,000 (0.85%) will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. That number may seem to be very small, but less than 1% of people with diabetes represents one quarter of patients with pancreatic cancer.

* Source National Cancer Institute

In the year 2019 an estimated 30.3 million adults had diabetes (9.4% of the total US population). While 23.1 million people knew their diagnosis and another 7.2 million people were yet not diagnosed. About 84.1 million adults (about 1 in 3) had prediabetes which generally either occurs with people who already have some degree of insulin resistance, or whose pancreas does not create enough insulin to keep blood glucose within a normal range.

Those people had a 50% chance of developing diabetes over the following 5-10 years.

Statistics in 2019:

> 84.1 million adults had prediabetes, 1 in 2 (42 million) of them wold become diabetic within 10 years.

>30.3 million adults in the US had diabetes. 1 in 100 were projected to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within 3 years.

> Of the 56,770 new cases of pancreatic cancer in America in 2019, at least 14,000 had recent diabetic diagnosis.

Statistics Today According To The American Cancer Society

People with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30 is considered obese  They have a 20% greater chance of getting pancreatic cancer versus those with BMI of 25 or less.

Obesity also increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes which itself is a major risk factor of pancreatic cancer. According to the Journal of the Pancreas, 80% of pancreatic cancer patients present with either new-onset Type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose intolerance at the time of diagnosis.

The above facts emphasize the crucial importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Consuming a healthy diet and having regular physical activity which helps to avoid becoming obese. Since obesity is a risk factor of getting Type 2 Diabetes, avoiding both will reduce the chances of getting pancreatic cancer.
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