Seena Magowitz Foundation Marketing Intern

Massachusetts-born and Texas-raised, Hadia currently studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio where studies public health and nonprofit management, working towards earning a Bachelor of Science. Hadia volunteers as a marketing Intern working with Miranda Wainberg, Director of Marketing. She realized her passion grew for the nonprofit sector and how much of a vital impact it has on society. Her passion for helping others and growing as an individual has allowed her to gain access to various opportunities at a young age.

Hadia has been fortunate to become a Resident Assistant for UTSA and serves on the executive board of her organization while maintaining stellar grades throughout her college experience. She is a well-rounded individual who revolves around the principles of balance in life. To Hadia, balance is key in life and she hopes to earn and give back to her community.

Hadia serves to be involved in The Seena Magowitz Pancreatic Cancer Foundation with integrity, honesty, and discipline. She has a great passion to fulfill the mission and serve this foundation with great honor. Hadia has recognized the unfortunates of cancer and the impact it has had on individuals in her life.

The simplicity of humanity truly relies on the benevolence of human nature. It is essential to help others in need and come together as a society to fulfill a bigger purpose in life.

Email Contact: Hadia@seenamaowitzfoundation.org