Kidney Stones Led To Discovery of Pancreatic Cancer

Diagnosed: March 2018
Status: No Sign of Cancer September 2020

Incidentally Discovery Led To Unexpected Blessing

Unexpected blessings do occur. Had Kelly Pankratz not had kidney stones, her pancreatic cancer may not have been found. Many cases of pancreatic cancer are discovered incidentally. She was having pains in her lower abdomen with urination discomfort.

A simple x-ray led to a diagnosis of kidney stones. Because of the large size of the kidney stones her doctors ordered a CT scan just to be sure if she may need surgery to remove the stones. The CT scan led to finding a mass in her pancreas which diagnosed malignant. She did have kidney stones, but it incidentally also led to finding pancreatic cancer.

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Pancreatic Cancer Incidental Discovery
Pancreatic Cancer