Michael Francis Makes A Substantial Donation To Seena Magowitz Foundation

Michael Francis Makes A Substantial Donation To Seena Magowitz Foundation


Seena Magowitz Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Michael Francis Makes
A Substantial Donation To The Seena Magowitz Foundation
Which Helped Fund The Clinical Trial That Saved His Life

L-R Roger E. Magowitz and Michael Francis

PHOENIX, AZ, January 2021 – The Seena Magowitz Foundation is honored to announce it received a very substantial donation to help it fund pancreatic cancer Phase 1 clinical trials. The donation came from a familiar face, pancreatic
pancreatic cancer survivor Michael Francis. The Foundation’s founder, Roger E. Magowitz was so moved that he is personally matching half of the donation with his own personal funds.

Francis, a nearly three-year survivor of the deadliest cancer, has a strong history with the Foundation. He was diagnosed in 2018 at age 69 with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer that could not be treated surgically. That’s when he connected with The Seena Magowitz Foundation through his treatment at HonorHealth Research Institute.

“I realized these guys really care and the doctor who took my medical history told me he thought we can beat three years,” Michael said. “I was placed on a Phase 2 trial of three chemotherapy drugs (gemcitabine. paclitaxel and cisplatin) plus paricalcitrol (Vitamin D). But the important thing here is that without the Seena Magowitz Foundation donating the money for Phase 1 of this trial, I would have never able to get into the Phase 2 trial. Without that Phase II trial, I may not have been here today”

Read The Details of The Clinical Trial: NCT0318720

Francis is one of only six rosebush growers in America and estimates that he supplies businesses with 20 percent of all the rosebushes in the country. Because of his business success, he and his family decided they wanted to give back to the organization that gave him the ultimate gift: time.

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“This is a story that we don’t hear about every day,” said the Foundation’s Founder, Roger E. Magowitz. “We were so touched and honored by the gift, because it truly shows the impact of what our Foundation is trying to accomplish. The ultimate goal is eradicating this deadly disease forever. In this case, we have a pancreatic cancer warrior who has battled the disease both physically, and now is making a great impact clinically. It’s inspiring.”

About The Seena Magowitz Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Known as “The Face and Voice of Pancreatic Cancer”, the Seena Magowitz Foundation works to provide the loudest voice of awareness of pancreatic cancer. The Foundation was founded by Roger. E. Magowitz in honor of his mother, Seena Magowitz, who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in 2001. The Foundation is entering it 20th year of funding medical research in search of innovative life-extending treatments of pancreatic cancer patients. Besides leading-edge treatments, it focuses on the discovery of easier methods of early detection with an ultimate mission of finding a cure.

According to Roger E. Magowitz, “The foundation accepts the challenge. If not us, then who?”

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