Personalized Precision Medicine Unleashed

Personalized Precision Medicine Unleashed

Tony Subia
December 7, 2016

What is Personalized Precision Medicine?

The Future of Cancer Care Has Unleashed. Medical and scientific research has proven that each person’s cancer is uniquely different from another. Any approach to cancer treatment must be precisely personalized to the individual. No one in the world is exactly like you. No one.

Not only are we all different genetically, certain types of genes are hereditary. Carriers can pass along a predisposition to cancer. Lifestyle choices, exposure to certain adversarial environmental elements, and certain risk factors contribute to individual uniqueness.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, it will be different than any other patient’s cancer whether pancreatic, lung, liver, brain or other types of cancer. Therefore, any approach to cancer treatment must be as individual and unique as you are.

Cancer is fundamentally an unwelcome change, or mutation, in your genes. By learning as much as possible about those unique changes, and developing specific drugs and therapies to target them, we believe many cancers can be defeated at the molecular level, often with fewer side effects compared to traditional chemotherapy and other treatments. This new approach, made possible by dramatic advances in genetic science, is at the leading edge of an exciting new area of cancer treatment.

Very exciting advances made in the last few years have allowed us to better define the ideal therapy for a patient. That’s why TGen and City of Hope have formed an alliance that places them at the forefront of precision medicine. This alliance brings together brilliant scientists that are at the forefront of unraveling the genetic abnormalities in cancer. This will allow making the most precise therapeutic decisions for cancer patients.

TGen is a leader in molecular cancer research. It has incredible capabilities in applying genomic analysis and bioinformatics. The collection and analysis of genetic data to targeted drug development. The alliance strengthens the ability to conduct both discovery research and clinical applications which will directly benefit patients.

The alliance brings together scientists on both campuses, as well as clinicians, who have a great deal of experience in drug development and the advancement of therapeutics. The unity of goals include making precision medicine more accessible to more patients by accelerating the “bench-to-bedside” continuum and speeding molecular-based discoveries into clinical trials that will create more novel therapies to extend both quality of life and save lives. And eventually prevention and a cure.

TGen and City of Hope will develop what’s known as a Personalized Hope program. A comprehensive program that will focus on combined medical strengths – patient care and genomics – to detect disease sooner. They will focus on immunotherapy and genomics to gain new insights into immune function and expand opportunities for new interventions.

An alliance of synergy propelling TGen and City of Hope to the forefront as national leaders in personalized precision medicine.

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