Tireless Advocate Against Pancreatic Cancer

Contributing Writer: Julia Brabant
August 7, 2020

Robert Rogers is a man of many hats. He’s a father, a tech industry authority, a passionate supporter of the arts and a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, among other roles, but to the team behind the Seena Magowitz Foundation and the patients fighting pancreatic cancer, he’s also a tireless advocate.

Robert spent most of his life in technology, and it was through the industry that he met Tony Subia, the Executive Vice President of the Seena Magowitz Foundation, back in 2010. He signed on to assist Tony as a web developer, programmer and IT specialist, and in the days that followed, connected with the foundation’s Founder and CEO Roger Magowitz, and its COO and CFO, Liz McBeth.

“Technology is a solitary industry – you spend a lot of time alone,” Robert said. “After meeting everyone on the staff, I saw an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

Initially, Robert lent his skillset to handling the foundation’s IT, website and direct-marketing needs, but over time, his commitment deepened. He began attending annual Seena Magowitz Foundation Golf Classic fundraising events, where he got to meet those who benefited from the foundation’s and research efforts in the flesh.

“The first time I went to the event, it was like entering a new world,” he said of the annual fundraiser, which unites pancreatic cancer patients with medical researchers and financial contributors. “The people there are fighting one of the worst forms of cancer, but they have this palpable positive energy. There are so many people who ‘stay in their caves’ when times get tough, but there, seeing everyone get out of their comfort zones was really eye-opening.”

Meeting those directly benefiting from the foundation’s efforts only furthered Robert’s dedication to the cause, and he spent the days following each event updating the website and posting images of attendees online.

He’s also shared stories of the survivors, warriors and their families he met there with others facing similar hurdles. “These stories I’ve heard and shared – many of them survivor stories – they’re what others with cancer need to hear,” he said. “It’s so painful going through these treatments – seeing a light over the next horizon gives people hope.”

In addition to his work on behalf of the foundation, Robert is a real estate professional, a father of two boys and a strong supporter of the arts in Arizona. Originally from Louisiana, where he attended Louisiana State University, he moved to the desert 18 years ago and spent the last 10 lending his talents to the Seena Magowitz Foundation.

“The Seena Magowitz Foundation is part of who I am now,” he said, noting that he plans to continue attending future events and raising awareness about the need for more pancreatic cancer research. “The power lies in the people coming together.”

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