One of The Pancreatic Cancer Community’s Most Influential Advocates


Paving The Way for Critical Pancreatic Cancer Research

Written By Julia Brabant
October, 2020

Some Seena Magowitz Foundation supporters make financial contributions, while others devote their time or talents to helping generate more attention and funding for pancreatic cancer research. In the case of Tim Jones and his company, ISSAC Corp, he does that and more, and in the process, he’s become one of the pancreatic cancer community’s most influential advocates.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – you can read about how much Tim’s efforts have progressed pancreatic cancer research in an August 2017 edition of the British Journal of Cancer. The twice-monthly medical journal detailed how data from a Stand Up to Cancer clinical trial ISSAC Corp analyzed helped researchers identify commonalities among patients, assess treatment points and steer future clinical trials that seek to extend and improve lives for those affected.

Read This Article in The Colorado Business Journal (September 2017)

A longtime friend of Seena Magowtiz Foundation COO and CFO Liz McBeth, whom he met while serving in the U.S. Navy in the early 1990s, Tim didn’t have a personal connection to pancreatic cancer when he started financially supporting the cause. In the years that followed, that changed, and so, too, did Tim and ISSAC Corps’ commitments to both funding and furthering pancreatic cancer research.

ISSAC Corp., an advanced data analytics and systems engineering entity based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, performed pro bono analyses for a group of researchers led by Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, one of the world’s preeminent pancreatic cancer researchers, and Michael Barrett, both of Phoenix, Arizona’s Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). Dr. Von Hoff and his team at TGen have long been the recipients of Seena Magowitz Foundation funding, which they use to finance innovative medical research with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Part of the aforementioned Stand Up to Cancer clinical trial, the work ISSAC Corp. analyzed helped researchers develop a better sense of the genomic drivers of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, a lethal form of cancer. It also helped expand and advance novel treatments for patients fighting pancreatic cancer, which is one of the most under-researched, under-funded and undiagnosed forms of the disease.

Those treatments may one day be broadly available to people like Dr. Frank Grange (featured in video below at the 7:00 minute mark), Tim’s close friend and colleague, who Tim helped gain inclusion into a clinical trial after he received his own pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Frank lost his fight 18 months later, but not before helping doctors gain critical knowledge about new treatment options and avenues that are changing the game for today’s patients.

“It’s one of the cancers that really gets no attention,” Tim said, of his continued financial, familial and professional commitment to furthering pancreatic cancer research.“ And the Seena Magowitz Foundation is such a professionally run organization – you know where every dollar is going. I have seen firsthand how horrid this disease is, and the Seena Magowitz Foundation, Dr. Von Hoff and his team and entire pancreatic cancer research community have our continued support with every step they take to fight it.”