Long-Term Seena Magowitz Foundation Supporter


Ambassador Against Pancreatic Cancer

Written By Julia Brabant
June 2020

Tom Sleboda is one of the Seena Magowitz Foundation’s most prolific supporters, but like many others who contribute to the cause, he’s reluctant to take credit for it.

Tom, a CPA and CFO of Customatic Technologies, a prominent supplier of custom mattresses and sleep systems, was a former CFO for Seena Magowitz Foundation Founder and CEO Roger Magowitz’ 25 Mattress Discounters stores back in the early 2000s. In the time since, he’s continued to raise his profile both in the bedding industry and as a recognizable figure in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

“We help out wherever we can,” he said of his efforts on behalf of the foundation, which turns the funds it raises over to Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, one of the world’s leading pancreatic cancer researchers. “There’s a lot of great people involved with the foundation who volunteer their time behind the scenes, and I like knowing that the efforts made and money given go straight to helping people –not to overhead costs.”

Over the years, Tom has assisted the foundation with everything from managing financials and setting up credit card processing arrangements to playing in the tournament and making substantial financial contributions of his own.

“Our volunteer base is the pulse of who we are. Folks like Tom, who invest their time and money, are critical for our long-term success,” said Roger Magowitz. “Having ambassadors like Tom talking about what we do with his friends and family has really helped us build our base of supporters.”

Tom, his family members and his Customatic Technologies team have been regular fixtures at annual Seena Magowitz Foundation Golf Classic events, which unite patients, researchers and financial and other supporters and serve as each year’s biggest fundraiser.

“Seeing the patients and meeting Dr. Von Hoff – he’s such an advocate and so passionate about what he does,” Tom said. Research efforts funded through the foundation include various pancreatic cancer clinical trials, which help improve outcomes and extend lifespans for patients.

Tom also expressed his appreciation for Roger Magowitz’ efforts as the foundation’s face. “Roger throws a great event,” he said. “He’s also as appreciative of those who give $10 as he is the major corporations that donate millions.”