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The Seena Magowitz Foundation To Honor Ron Brefka

The Seena Magowitz Foundation To Honor Ron Brefka Through The “Harley Hero” Award at the Harley Davidson Museum Brefka, an avid Harley Davidson fan, raised thousands of dollars for various charitable causes during his life (Milwaukee, WI) July 2023 — On August 18th, from 6:00-8:00pm at the Harley Davidson Museum, The Seena Magowitz Foundation will […]

Baseball for Babbo Raises $153,868 For Pancreatic Cancer Research

‘Baseball for Babbo’ Raises $153,868 For Pancreatic Cancer Research  100% of Proceeds From Babbo’s Day of Giving Was Donated to the Seena Magowitz Foundation  PHOENIX, AZ — It was a grand slam event for Babbo Italian Eatery and the Seena Magowitz Foundation who collectively raised $153,868 for life-saving pancreatic cancer research. Babbo Italian, a local family-owned restaurant, held their Day of […]

Roger E. Magowitz Receives Award Lifetime Bedding Achievement from Furniture Today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Miranda Landsman Phone: 936-615-0753 Email: miranda@seenamagowitzfoundation.org Roger E. Magowitz Receives Award Lifetime Bedding Achievement from Furniture Today   March 2022 – For his tireless work and advocacy for those battling the disease and his unending support of those working and researching to find a cure for pancreatic cancer, Furniture Today […]

“A Clinical Trial of One”

“A Clinical Trial of One”: Art Levine’s Story Written By Julia Brabant August 2021 Diagnosed: May 2019 Current Status: Continuing Treatment Every pancreatic cancer case is different, and a treatment that fails in one patient may prove highly successful in the next. Rabbi Art Levine’s case is a prime example of this, and his willingness […]

RABL3 New Rare Gene Mutation Discovered

RABL3 Inherited Pancreatic Cancer Risk Mutation Identified Original Source Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Modified For Style and Length This article originally appeared at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Scientists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have found the rare “RBL.3” Gene Mutation which raises the predisposition risk of getting pancreatic cancer in addition to other malignancies. Scientists studying […]

Study: Arming The Immune System To Recognize Foreign Invaders

New TGen Study To Combat Pancreatic Cancer The Seena Magowitz Foundation Releases $200,000 Toward A Total Grant of $1 Million To Fund The Study The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope, has launched a new study intended to discover how to use the body’s immune system to treat patients with pancreatic cancer. […]

New Novel Way To Reverse Pancreatic Cancer

Scientists At Purdue University Reverse Pancreatic Cancer Progression In A “Time Machine” Made of Human Cells   Purdue University Engineers Have Shown A Novel Way To Reverse The Course of Pancreatic Cancer Source: Purdue UniversityCenter For Cancer ResearchNews Release: October 2021Modified For Style and Length What makes pancreatic cancer so deadly is its covert and […]

May 1, 2021 Episode of the Voice of Pancreatic Cancer Podcast

Voice of Pancreatic Cancer Podcast MAY 1, 2021 EPISODE: “The PANCREAS Clinical Trial” The PANCREAS Clinical Trial was officially launched by the LaBahn Pancreatic Cancer Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin on April, 2021. The Principal Investigator is Dr. Susan Tsai of the Medical College of Wisconsin. This is a multicenter trial which will […]

Clinical Trial Funded By The Seena Magowitz Foundation

Announcing The Launch of “THE PANCREAS Clinical Trial” The “PANCREAS” Clinical Trial By the Medical College of Wisconsin and Partly Funded By The Seena Magowitz Foundation Contribting Writer Tony Subia April 8, 2021 The Clinical Trail, “PANCREAS”, Officially Launched April 2, 2021 is Led By Dr. Susan Tsai, The Associate Professor and Director of the […]

Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer

Every Pancreatic Cancer Patient Should Consider Genetic Testing Contributing Writer Tony Subia February 22, 2021 Cancer which include pancreatic cancer is caused by genetic mutations. Each cell in your body has a DNA. That DNA contains genes which instructs your body parts on how to function. In a normal process, normal cells will divide and […]