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Will You Join Us In Saving and Extending Lives Today?

Why Become A Member?

Take pride in improving the lives of pancreatic cancer patients who face the most dreadful of cancers with the lowest survival rate of all major types cancer. Join us in funding discovery of easy methods of early detection and innovative life-extending treatments.

Share our vision to inspire vigilance of the signs, symptoms of pancreatic cancer. To share the knowledge to others on how reduce the risks of being stricken with the deadliest of cancers. To empower people to become their own best healthcare advocates.

Shepherd of Hope is a program dedicated to smaller, monthly recurring donations that will make a distinct difference You will be joining a special group that collectively come together with a shared vision of the eventual eradication of pancreatic cancer.

Will You Join Us and Become A Shepherd of Hope? To Help Improve Patient Outcomes?

The Seena Magowitz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Your Donations Are Tax Deductible. Its Federal Tax ID Number is 20-4751072

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