A Community Of Pancreatic Cancer Patients, Survivors and Caregivers

Other pancreatic cancer patients know what coping with pancreatic cancer is all about. They have navigated the same paths dealing with similar anxieties and obstacles. They share the same objectives. Our sole purpose in establishing this virtual support group is helping pancreatic cancer patients live life to the fullest extent.

It is a dedicated approach focusing on patient wellness, hope, and inspiration. Helping our members heal and thrive in every respect. From the physical to the emotional and everything in between. We also commend family caregivers for taking care of their patients and encourage them to take care of themselves as well.

And our partner medical professionals occasionally participate to achieve awareness and information that intends to help patients communicate more effectively with their own respective doctors and cancer team for ongoing medical advice.

Patient Group at 2022 Power of Us Dinner On The Diamond at Chase Stadium
Pancreatic Cancer SOS Hosts
Kay Kays
One of The World’s Longest Living Pancreatic Cancer Patients

“I’ve survived a very long time after first being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It is important that my story is being told because people need to know that a diagnosis of the worst of cancers does not mean an automatic death sentence. Patients are living longer and longer as medical advancements are occurring at a more rapid pace. Sustaining hope and courage is so important.”

L-R Roger E. Magowitz and Michael Francis
Michael Francis
Everyone Must Become Their Own Health Care Advocate

Michael came to the attention of the Magowitz Foundation through the staff members at HonorHealth Research Institute. “This is a really tough thing I’m dealing with, but you’ve got two choices,” Michael said. “You can either crawl up into a ball, go to a corner and die or you can have a good attitude about it and fight.I don’t choose to crawl up into a ball anywhere.”

Perry Francis • Moderator
Focused On Helping Others To Cope With Facing Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Perry C. Francis is a professor of counseling and the coordinator of the Counseling Training Clinic in the College of Education Clinical Suite. It operates as a Community Mental Health facility for clients from the community, student body of EMU, and referrals from the county courts and local mental health centers. He also co-directs the COE Clinical Suite in the College of Education where he sees clients as a licensed professional counselor.