Dr. Erkut Borazanci and Dr. Douglas B. Evans

Dr. Erkut Borazanci and Dr. Douglas B. Evans

Doctors Erkut Borazanci and Douglas B. Evans Elite Top 10


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Seena Magowitz Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer
Dr. Erkut Borazanci and Dr. Douglas B. Evans, Strategic Partners
of The Seena Magowitz Foundation are Recognized in MediFind’s
List of “Top 10 Elite Experts” Fighting Pancreatic Cancer

PHOENIX, AZ – January 2021 – Pancreatic cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in America, trailing only lung and colorectal cancers. Medical professionals across the nation are making immense strides to improve survival rates and quality of life for pancreatic cancer patients, and two of the Seena Magowitz Foundation’s longtime strategic partners are among those leading the charge.

Dr. Erkut Borazanci and Dr. Douglas B. Evans, two of the nation’s preeminent pancreatic cancer physicians and researchers, are listed among the “Top 10 Elite Experts” fighting pancreatic cancer by MediFind, a global medical platform that seeks to make patients more aware of their options.

Dr. Erkut Borazanci, MD

A leading pancreatic cancer researcher at Scottsdale, Arizona’s HonorHealth Research Institute and Phoenix, Arizona’s Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Dr. Borazanci devotes himself to advancing innovative discoveries that encourage early detection and extend quality of life for pancreatic cancer patients with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

An associate clinical professor at the University of Arizona, Dr. Borazanci is also the principal investigator for several clinical trials, many of which are in their first phase. Nature, JAMA Oncology, Clinical Cancer Research and the Oncologist are among the industry authorities and publications that have detailed his various efforts in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Borazanci has also authored 26 peer-reviews articles and served as principal investigator on 42 clinical trials over the past seven years. Of those, 18 articles and 24 clinical trials focused on pancreatic cancer. He has also authored and presented 50 abstracts at meetings for the American Association for Cancer Research, the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the European Society for Medical Oncology.

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Dr. Douglas B. Evans, MD, FACS

Dr. Evans is the Chair of the Department of Surgery at The Medical College of Wisconsin and a Professor of Surgery of the Donald C. Ausman Family Foundation Professor of Surgery. Dr. Douglas B. Evans is at the forefront of the global fight against pancreatic cancer. Prior to joining the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2009, he was the Hamill Foundation Distinguished Professor of Surgery at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

He has authored or co-authored more than 400 articles and 90 book chapters and has participated in near-countless national and international lectures. A one-time President of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons, he was also the recipient of the American College of Surgeons Traveling Fellowship to Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Evans has completed a number of investigator-initiated clinical trials including the National Cancer Institute’s Specialized Programs of Research Excellence. He is also the recipient of the Faculty Achievement Award in Clinical Research and a two-time recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award from MD Anderson.

Read More About Dr. Douglas B. Evans: https://www.mcw.edu/departments/surgery/contact-us/douglas-b-evans-md

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