Aspirin Will Reduce Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

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Hispanic Doctor: Long Term Use of Aspirin Could Reduce The Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Aspirin Diminishes Risk of Cancer of The Pancreas

Article Date: December, 2014

It is important to note that although aspirin does reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, aspirin could have potential risks for other medical conditions. Each individual should be evaluated by a physician based on medical considerations and related factors.

Some studies such as one by Yale Cancer Center has found that continuous use of low or regular -dose aspirin may cut the risk of pancreatic cancer in-half. Other studies show that just a once per month dose reduced risk by 29% versus those who used other pain relievers or none at all.

The longer a patient takes low-dose aspirin, the greater the reduced risk. Under the direction of a physician or cardiologist daily use of aspirin to prevent or control heart disease creates a side benefit of reducing risk of pancreas cancer.

Certain studies show that regular daily use for 3 years will reduce risk by 48%. Use over 20 years reduced risk by 60%. Conversely, long term users who quit taking aspirin entirely had a threefold increased risk of pancreatic cancer after 2-3 years.

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