Inaugural Tribute Book


When I decided to produce a Tribute Book, I immediately knew the first honoree would be Dr. Dan Von Hoff because of his many contributions to medical research.

But how may others should this book give tribute to? There are so many cherished memories and so many stories that have impacted the Foundation in uniquely positive ways. The courageous Legacy Heroes who lost the war with pancreatic cancer but gave so much valuable discovery to medical research.

The volunteers who made our events hum like finely-tuned machines. Our inspired and energetic Warriors who woke up every morning with enthusiasm, hope, and confidence they are going to defeat the beast. I think of the many sponsors and donors whose generosity enabled us to do what we do. And thoughts of so many advocates that helped in so many ways.

The book had to pay tribute to all the people that have been instrumental to the Foundation’s success. This book had to be filled with photos that captured cherished moments. It is so very hard to reach-out and thank everyone who have helped weave the fabric of what this organization has become, but we wanted to give it our best shot.

The three pillars of the Seena Magowitz Foundation besides myself include Liz McBeth who handles all administration requirements and serves as the Director of our Annual Foundation Golf Classics. Liz has been with me since inception of the Foundation, always unwavering in her dedication to the cause.

Tony Subia, the person most of you never see performs behind the scenes administering our website and social marketing. He is a sounding board, my mentor and my friend. He also Directed our Inaugural Tribute Book. It’s important to note that no one in this Foundation receives a salary. All efforts are out of love of what we do.

This Tribute Book is a celebration of the numerous individuals and companies that have championed us. It celebrates the masterful work of Dr Von Hoff and sheds light on so many individuals and companies that have been so generous with there time and money. Congratulations to you all.

~ Roger Magowitz. Foundation Founder