Small Donations That Fight Pancreatic Cancer in A Huge Way

Make An Impact Fighting Pancreatic Cancer

Become A Shepherd OF Hope

Help Shep Save and Extend The Lives of Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Give Pancreatic Cancer Patients Hope and Inspiration

When you become a member of the Seena Magowitz Foundation Shepherds of Hope, you will be joining a special, compassionate group of donors reaching out each month to provide funding for pancreatic cancer research to discover innovative methods to improve patient outcomes.

As a Shepherd of Hope, you will be creating awareness of how to reduce the chances of getting this brutal disease which has the worst survival rate of all major cancers. You will also be inspiring people to become their own best healthcare advocate and inspiring vigilance for any signs and symptoms of having pancreatic cancer.

You Can Make Saving and Extending Lives An Affordable Recurring Gift.


About 30 Cents Per Day


About 50 Cents Per Day


About 75 Cents Per Day

The Seena Magowitz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Your Donations Are Tax Deductible. Its Federal Tax ID Number is 20-4751072

Become a Shepherd of Hope

Together, We Can Eradicate This Disease

“A diagnosis of the worst of cancers does not mean an automatic death sentence Sustaining hope and courage is so important.”

Kay Kays | 27 Year Survivor

“My hope is that countless others will come together and donate to save and extend lives. With your help, we can win this fight.”

Stan Vitikas | 15 Year Survivor

“I am literally a living miracle. Since I’m no longer on chemotherapy, I am hoping I can be the voice for someone sitting in the chemo chair.”

Camille Moses | 10 Year Survivor