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Fund Raising Campaigns

Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cancer. The most brutal of cancers. On average only 1 of 10 patients will be alive in 5-years. 40% will not live 6 months. 75% will die within a year. Pancreatic cancer has passed breast cancer to become the highest cancer-killer. Please join our Warrior Survivor Campaigns to fight this deadly disease.

You can make a distinct difference. Choose a campaign to read individual stories that empower purpose.

  • We have sponsors that will match donations to varying limits.
  • Ask your employers if it matches donations.
  • Consider recurring contributions to create a more rapid pace of innovation treatments.
  • When a cure is ultimately discovered, you can be proud to have helped reach that pinnacle.
Stan Vitikas

Stan Vitikas

Goal: $50,000

Will Personally Match All
Donations Up To $15,000

Pancreatic Cancer Patient Story

Steve Mielke

Goal: $8,000

Consider A Donation

Denise Sherman

Goal: $10,000

All Donations Up To $10,000
Matched By Customatic Technologies


Janet Bor

Her Goal: $1,000

Consider A Donation


Gaby Aguilar

Her Goal: $5,000

Will Personally Match The
First $2,000 Towards The Goal


Dr. Jill Pechacek

Her Goal: $1,000

What An Inspiration She Was

Photo of Elizabeth Oconnor pancreatic cancer survivor

Elizabeth O’Connor

Her Goal: $1,000

She is a 10 Year PC Survivor

Kay Kays

Her Goal: $1,00

A 26-Year Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Photo of Steven Lewis pancreatic cancer survivor

Steven Lewis

His Goal: $5,000

Consider Supporting His Campaign

Nicole Rechter

Her Goal: $5,000

Volunteering For The Foundation
Saved Her Mother’s Life

Dan Winkelman

His Fundraising Goal: $100,000

Dan’s Global Journey of Faith,
Hope, and Healing.

Rick Schiffhauer Strong

His Goal: $100,000

A Real Strong Inspiration

Give With Confidence. Most of our Leadership Staff are unpaid volunteers. We have no brick and mortar overhead. Result is more allocation to discovery of innovative treatment and empowering knowledge to reduce risk. The Seena Magowitz Foundation is a 501(c) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent of regulated law, Our Federal Tax ID Number is 20-4751072.

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Consider Creating Your Own Personal Fundraising Campaign

Together, we can help change the course of this disease. With your generosity, we can strengthen the fight against the worst of cancers. Funding pilot medical studies which lead to clinical trials that pursue methods of early detection, innovative life extending treatments, and continue the pursuit of the allusive cure. We spread awareness. Encourage vigilance and ways to reduce the risks of getting pancreatic cancer.

Will you help save lives? Contact us to set-up your own personal fundraising campaign.