Held in Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix, Arizona

(Phoenix AZ) March 2022 – The Seena Magowitz Foundation’s Annual “Power of Us” is a series of events that harnesses the collective power among pancreatic cancer patients, caregivers, medical researchers, surgeons, oncologists, advocates, donors, sponsors and peer foundations. The annual “Power of Us” is generally comprised of three main multiple events over a period of three days each year.

The common goal is enhancing patient outcomes. To inspire patients with renewed hope. A more rapid pace of innovative treatments will save and extend quality of patient lives until the ultimate goal is achieved… “The eradication of pancreatic cancer.” It is the worst of all tumor-type cancers with the lowest relative 5-year survival of 12.5% (2023) across all stages. It accounts for one-third of all cancer related deaths.

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