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The "Power Of Us" Annual Fundraising Event

The Seena Magowitz Foundation’s “Power Of Us” Annual Event is the premier fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research. We bring together pancreatic cancer patients, health care professionals, cancer survivors, oncologists, loved ones, clinicians, and the cancer community in order to facilitate partnerships and breakthroughs in the fight against pancreas cancer. By bringing public awareness to cancer prevention, treatment options, clinical research, new treatments, and research projects, we are increasing advocacy and cancer treatment for all.

We are proud to be one of many american groups working towards the common cause of eradicating pancreatic cancer. We count the lustgarten foundation, the national cancer institute, NIH, and innovative research centers like MCW, TGEN (Translational Genomics Research Institute) and the Sylvester Center of the University of Miami as partners in this mission. Together, we can improve the quality of cancer care, increase funding opportunities for research grants, and stand up to cancer as a community.

The Seena Magowitz Foundation’s “Power of Us” Annual Event stands as a beacon of hope and collaboration in the fight against pancreatic cancer. This event, a cornerstone of the foundation’s efforts, showcases the unyielding spirit of patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and advocates, all united for a common cause. By diving into the details of this annual gathering, we reveal the profound impact it has in advancing research, raising awareness, and fostering a community of support for those affected by pancreatic cancer.

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Our Core Mission: Serving Pancreatic Cancer Patients

At the heart of the “Power of Us” event lies a mission to accelerate progress towards early detection and effective treatment of pancreatic cancer. This ambition is driven by the alarming statistics associated with pancreatic adenocarcinoma, the most prevalent form of pancreatic cancer. With a relative average 5-year survival rate of only 12.5%, and a drastic drop to 3% for stage 4 diagnoses, the urgency for early detection and innovative treatments becomes clear.

A Unique Blend of Participants

What sets the “Power of Us” event apart is its inclusive approach, bringing together a diverse mix of individuals connected to the pancreatic cancer journey. This includes patients and their caregivers, medical researchers, oncology surgeons, clinical trial investigators, and more. Their shared experiences and insights create a powerful synergy, fostering an environment where knowledge is exchanged, and new strategies are forged.

Impactful Sessions and Discussions

A key feature of the event is the dedicated sessions among medical experts, patients, and caregivers. These sessions aim to foster a more rapid pace in achieving objectives like early detection, improving the quality of life for patients, and paving the way towards a cure for pancreas cancer. These include specialized talks on the details of pancreatic cancer, including KRAS, immunotherapy, and biomarkers for pancreatic cancer cells and pancreatic tumors. By focusing on patient outcomes and wellness, the event not only raises funds but also offers hope and inspiration to those battling the disease..

Educational and Fundraising Aspects

Apart from the discussions and networking opportunities, the event also encompasses various fundraising activities. These activities are crucial in supporting the foundation’s research initiatives and patient support programs. In addition, we provide critical support for research institutes, symposiums, and cancer centers dedicated to pancreatic cancer research. By participating, donors and sponsors play a direct role in making a difference in the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer.

Saving And Extending Lives Through Early Detection Of Pancreas Cancer

In summary, the “Power of Us” Annual Event by the Seena Magowitz Foundation is more than just a fundraiser; it’s a gathering of hope, determination, and collective action against pancreatic cancer. While there are many types of cancer, pancreatic cancer research programs are lagging in funding and support, and early detection is key to increasing the survival rate. Through this event, our nonprofit foundation not only raises crucial funds but also shines a light on the importance of early detection, clinical trials and research, and community support in the battle against this formidable disease. The event’s success is a testament to what can be achieved when individuals unite for a common cause, truly embodying the power of us.

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