Mission and Value Statement


Harnessing collective synergy to defeat pancreatic cancer. That strategy is the center core of any mission to defeat pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is the most brutal of all cancers and has the lowest average survival rate. It ranks third in deaths by cancer. ahead of breast cancer. Yet it does not get commensurate federal funding nor the help from major sports or auto dealerships. Our priority is raising funds for pancreatic cancer research by the brightest, most innovative minds in medical science. It is grass roots. It takes the patient gallantry to participate in clinical trials to give medical research discovery. It requires assertive relationships with general practitioners. It takes loving caregivers to inspire patient courage. Moat of all it needs the generosity of philanthropists and advocates to help save and extend quality of patient life.

You Can Save Lives With Philanthropic Generosity.


Vision is a prerequisite for any mission. It is vision that inspires vigilance to become aware of the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer. It is sharing the power of knowledge of how to reduce the risk of getting this most deadly of cancers. It empowers people to become their own best healthcare advocates. To become more assertive in their patient-doctor relationships that will minimize misdiagnosis and encourage the importance of getting second opinions. Mindsets must change the erroneous thinking that serious illness only happens to other other people. People must not assume that only older people get pancreas cancer. That it can strike anyone at any age. People must know about certain gene mutation syndromes that have the potential creating levels of predisposition. And educating people of risk factors and the importance of healthy lifestyles.

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We are squarely focused. Empowering the public with knowledge on how to reduce the risk of contracting this dreadful disease. And raising funds innovative scientific medical research. Our ultimate hope is the eradication of pancreatic cancer.