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Raise Awareness To Pancreatic Cancer

Tony Subia
September 2020

Pancreatic cancer is the worst of cancers. It is now the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths. Only about 10% of cases are diagnosed before it has spread to distant organs. Symptoms are very vague do not arouse suspension until it has spread and metastasized to distant organs at stage 4. The average 5-year+ survival rate across all stages of pancreas only 10%. Comparatively, female breast cancer is just under 90%.

Here is why we must raise awareness. When diagnosed while still confined to the pancreas, the 5-year+ survival rate is 39.4%. After metastasizing to distant organs such as the liver, lungs, and brain, the rate of surviving 5-years drops to an alarming 2.9%. All survival rates are per the National Health Institute in 2020.

People must be vigilant. Their own best healthcare advocate. Pancreatic cancer is difficult to treat for many reasons and gets little government funding for clinical trial seeking innovative treatments. That’s why we need your help to spread awareness. People need to how to reduce the risks of getting this brutal disease.

Please peruse our website ways to empower knowledge. Convince younger people that pancreatic cancer can strike at most any ages. Younger adults must not assume that pancreatic cancer only strikes older people. Talk to family, loved-ones, friends, and work associates. Know the symptoms, Know the risks. Know which mutated gene syndromes increase heredity risks. Pancreatic cancer is often misdiagnosed. Convince others who have been diagnosed to seek second opinions.

Inspire others to be very communicative and assertive with their family physicians. People must know their family history of cancer and serious disease. If someone carries a genetic gene mutation(s), they could be at elevated genetic risk.

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You can makes a profound difference. Inspire others to do the same.

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