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Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cancer is The Worst of Cancers

Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd leading cause of cancer related deaths. The survival rate is alarmingly low because symptoms are very vague at onset and by the time symptoms arouse suspicious, cancer will have likely
already spread beyond the pancreas when it becomes very difficult to treat. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest average 5-year survival rate of all types of cancer at just 10.8% (2021).

5-Year+ Survival Rates: Why Early Detection is So Crucial

1. 41.6% Average When Diagnosed Stage 1 When The Cancer is Still Confined Within The Pancreas.
2. 3.0% Average When Diagnosed Stage 4 When The Cancer Has Spread To A Distant Organ(s).
3. Average 0f 10.8% Across All Stages.
4. Over 70% of Patients Will Die Within A Year of Diagnosis.


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