2019 Pancreatic Cancer Statistics in America

Written By Tony Subia
March 2020

The following pancreatic cancer statistics are reflected by the National Institute of Health (NIH). These pancreatic cancer stats compare 5-year pancreas cancer survival rates, annual incident rates and annual pancreatic cancer death rates to other types of cancers. The following statistics seems to prove that cancer of the pancreas is statistically worse than any other cancer.

Few people realize the average 5-year survival rate of pancreatic cancer is the worst of all cancers at 10%. That percentage is astoundingly low compared to other more well-known types of cancer. Pancreas cancer has now passed breast cancer to become the third leading cause of annual cancer deaths in the USA.

Average 5-Year Survival Rate of Most Common Cancers (2020)

10%: Pancreatic Cancer
18.4%: Liver & Bile Duct
19.4%: Lung and Bronchus
19.9%: Esophageal
31.5%: Stomach
32.9%: Brain and Other Nervous System
47.6%: Ovarian
52.2 %: Myeloma
62.7% Leukemia
64.4:% Colon and Rectum
72%: Non -Hodgkin Lymphoma
77.!% Bladder
81.2% Uterus
84.8%: Kidney
86.6% Hodgkin Lymphoma
89.9% Female Breast
98.0%: Prostate
98.2%: Thyroid

Annual Incidence Rates of Most Common Cancers (2020)

All Cancers Combined: 1,762,450
Breast (Female): 268,600
Lung and Bronchus: 228.150
Prostate: 174,650
Colon and Rectum: 145,600
Melanoma Skin: 96,480
Bladder: 80,470
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: 74,200
Kidney: 73,820
Pancreas: 56,770
Liver: 42,030
Brain and Other Nervous System: 23,820
Ovarian: 22,530
Esophageal: 17,650

Annual Cancer Death Rates (2020)

All Cancers Combined: 606,880
Lung and Bronchus: 142,670
Colon and Rectum: 51,020
Pancreas: 45,750
Breast (Female): 41,760
Liver and Bile Duct: 31,780
Prostate: 31,620
Leukemia: 22,840
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: 19,970
Brain and Other Nervous System: 17,760
Bladder: 17,670
Esophageal: 16,080
Kidney: 14,770
Ovarian: 13,980
Uterus: 12,160
Melanoma Skin: 7,230
Thyroid: 2,170

*Pancreatic Statistical Source: National Institute of Health