Isbella Nunez

Hey y’all! My name is Isabella Nunez and I’m a rising junior at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. My family is originally from Cuernavaca, Mexico but I was born in Santiago, Chile. I have had the privilege to live in Chile, Japan, and Tennessee as a kid, but I did most of my growing up in Nashville. When college came around, I was ready to explore a new town. I currently study strategic communications with a minor in business, and I am working towards obtaining a certificate in design studies as well. I have had a love for design ever since I was little, and I am always finding opportunities to incorporate my creative skills into my work. Aside from art, another one of my biggest passions is volleyball. I have played this sport ever since I was in the sixth grade, and I am constantly searching for opportunities to play on campus. Whether it is playing intramural beach with friends or playing on the TCU Women’s Club Volleyball team, I find myself the happiest when I am playing with a team. Although this internship doesn’t require a court, I can’t wait to be a part of a new team at The Seena Magowitz Foundation.

I came across The Seena Magowitz foundation on Handshake, and immediately did some research after reading the description. I found myself strongly resonating with the mission of this foundation because I had recently experienced a Cancer scare with my older sister, Ana Darielle. Last year was an unsettling time having to wait for her first surgery after the diagnosis. Although we were very blessed with the positive outcome of her surgery, it made me think about the other families that haven’t been so lucky. I am honored to work for a foundation that supports cancer research with the hope of bringing patients a healthier future, and I can’t wait for the positive impact I will be a part of.