Seena Magowitz Foundation Comment Policy and Guidelines

Seena Magowitz Foundation Comment Policy and Guideline

Many of our articles and patient stories include a Disqus Forum to help drive informative dialogue and engagement among the pancreatic cancer community which includes patients, patient families, caregivers and medical professionals. We pride ourselves in maintaining quality and accuracy of comments, friendliness, and respect. Accordingly, we strictly enforce the following guidelines and policy

1. We Welcome Participation
Includes patients, potential patients, patient families, general practitioners, specialized medical experts in the related fields of expertise, caregivers, nurse practitioners. navigation nurses, or anyone else committed to spreading awareness within scope of the mission.

2. Be Yourself
Express opinions but support them with cited fact or reasonably strong evidence. Any opinion otherwise could invalidate and create harm to intended purpose. Use your real name or personal profile when commenting. Do not impersonate another person.

3. Comments of Hate, and Spam Will Be Banned
Do not make comments that do not support the topic and mission of benefit to patients or potential patients. We will ban any participants that unreasonably and intentionally stray outside mission.

4. Remember That Our Websites and Social Media Are A Public Forum As A Whole
Once your comments are online, everyone with internet access may be able to read them. Keep you comments clear and concise to avoid being misunderstood. Keep in-mind that many types of people of different ages may be exposed to your comments. Keep it clean.

5. Stay Focused On The Topic and Related Topics
Avoid swaying away from the topic to another topic that has no bearing on the topic being discussed. Do not divert attention to self-serving, off-topic promotion. All spammers will be banned without notice at the sole discretion of the Seena Magowitz Foundation.

6. When Necessary, Cite Your Sources.
Attributable quotes and paraphrased comments should be cited to reputable sources of the specific topic when providing evidence. Do not distort. Be concise.

7. Unique Perspectives Are Welcome
Providing they are constructive to the mission and argument, thoughtful comments, opinions. or new information relating to the topic are appreciative. Draft your comments carefully for purposes of accuracy of facts, and brevity before posting.

8. Libel or Abuse Will Not Be Tolerated
Any comments considered threatening, abusive, disrespectful, obscene, racist, or discriminatory will be deleted and such posters will be banned.

9. Do Not Infringe Copyrights
Be careful not to add comments, photos, illustrations or similar that violate copyright ownership. We will delete anything that appear to violate copyright ownership.

10. Do Not Violate Other User’s Privacy

11. YOU Are Legally Responsible For What Comments You Submit