New Director of Marketing and Communications

New Director of Marketing and Communications


The Seena Magowitz Foundation Announces
Director of Marketing and Communications

Former International Journalist Miranda Leah Landsman

PHOENIX, July 2020 – The Seena Magowitz Foundation welcomes Miranda Landsman as Director of Marketing and Communications.

Miranda Leah Landsman

As a former journalist, Miranda is passionate about helping others tell their story. Her career path has taken her across the globe. Now, she’s honored to join the Foundation in the fight to eradicate pancreatic cancer.

Miranda graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Mass Communication. She worked for two years as a TV news reporter for an NBC affiliate in Texas. She then moved to a regional network in New York City.

After that, she spent a year doing humanitarian aid work in South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Along the way, she partnered with CBN News to help some incredible people tell their stories. She also worked as an ambassador for a US-based anti-trafficking organization, providing reports.

Once stateside, she became the Marketing and PR Manager for a conservation non-profit. Now, she’ll join The Seena Magowitz Foundation as Director of Marketing and Communications.

“Miranda’s experience traveling the globe and reporting on hot topics got our attention,” said Roger Magowitz, founder of The Seena Magowitz Foundation. “We have found that stories about patients and their battles have been a lightning rod of hope. We wanted to have an ambitious young person with experience on air to bring messaging to patients… We wanted a fresh set of eyes to join us with different thoughts and visions.”

The Seena Magowitz Foundation is known as “The Face and Voice of Pancreatic Cancer.” It works to provide the loudest voice of awareness for the disease. It’s also dedicated to fundraising for the most impactful research in the industry. The Foundation’s focus is on early detection, patient quality of life, and an eventual cure.

For more information, visit www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org.