May 1, 2021 Episode of the Voice of Pancreatic Cancer Podcast

Voice of Pancreatic Cancer Podcast

MAY 1, 2021 EPISODE: “The PANCREAS Clinical Trial”

The PANCREAS Clinical Trial was officially launched by the LaBahn Pancreatic Cancer Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin on April, 2021. The Principal Investigator is Dr. Susan Tsai of the Medical College of Wisconsin. This is a multicenter trial which will also be opened at the HonorHealth Research Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona under the leadership of Dr. Erkut Borazanci. The trial utilizes a one-of-a-kind laboratory assay which was developed by Dr. Jen Jen Yeh and will be performed by the laboratories of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The Trial is fully sponsored by the Seena Magowitz Foundation.

Using next-generation sequencing, scientists have recently identified two general, yet distinctly differing molecular subtypes of pancreatic adencarcinoma cancerous tumors referred to as classical and basal-like tumors.

The objective of this clinical trail is applying innovative molecular profiling of biopsy samples to determine a patient’s specific subtype of tumor. Once that subtype is identified, patients will be matched to the chemotherapy which is expected to be most effective for that subtype. This is the first clinical trial to uniquely tailor treatment by pancreatic adencarcinoma tumor subtype.
The intended outcome of this trial is achieving a better understanding of biomarkers that will take us another step closer to precision, personalized medicine to meet the critical needs of pancreatic cancer patients.

Read More Detailed Clinical Trial Information at Clinical Trials.gov (NCT04683315)

The Official Clinical Trial Title:
PurIST Classification-Guided Adaptive Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy by RNA Expression Profiling of EUS Aspiration Samples (PANCREAS)

To enroll in the trial, please visit: Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial | Medical College of Wisconsin or call (414) 805-8696.