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The Voice of Pancreatic Cancer Podcast

Our Pancreatic Cancer Podcast

Brought to you by the Seena Magowitz Foundation and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Podcasts will be held on the first day of each month. Each episode will bring the most innovative minds in pancreatic cancer research together to share the latest news about early detection and advances in pancreatic cancer treatments. Our goal is to supercharge the learning experience and widen awareness about this dreadful disease. Our panels will include world-renowned research oncologists, pancreatic cancer surgeons, clinical trial lead investigators, and pancreas cancer patients that share their informative stories.

The mission is moving the latest discoveries about pancreatic cancer forward to save lives, extend patient life, enlighten the public on how to minimize the chances of getting pancreatic cancer, and ways to strengthen patient and doctor communication that will help lead to earlier detection. Our focus is on high-value content to the benefit of patients, potential patients, general practitioners, nurse practitioners, medical students, and the general public.

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All podcast episodes are archived at the following locations. Current or previous podcasts can be accessed at any time.

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