TGen, Making Smarter Treatments Become Reality

TGen, Making Smarter Treatments Become Reality

The mission of TGen’s Clinical Translational Research Division is to extend quality life and ultimately prevent and cure cancer. To achieve this, it brings medical science researchers, acclaimed laboratories and physicians together to make discoveries and apply them to patients. Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D., F.A.C.P., is the Physician-in-Chief and Director of Translational Research at TGen (Translational Genomics Research Institute) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Von Hoff is also Chief Scientific Officer for US Oncology and for Scottsdale Healthcare’s Clinical Research Institute and a Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona. He is one of the world’s leading pioneers in this bench-to- bedside approach to medicine. TGen investigators are partners in inter-institutional, cross-functional research efforts to:

One. identify and validate biomarkers of diagnostic value, as well as those that constitute new drug targets in pancreatic cancer.

Two. identify and optimize new agents that affect the activity of the targets.

Three. Perform in vitro and in vivo evaluation of the agents, and take the most promising ones to clinical trials of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.

TGen Pancreatic Research Lab