Jai Pausch Ambassador


Roger, Thanks For The Job You Do

I first got involved with the Seena Magowitz Foundation after meeting Roger Magowitz at the 2008 PANCAN gala in Los Angeles. Meeting Roger was like meeting a kindred soul, someone else who had a hunk of their heart torn out by the loss of a loved one who died from pancreatic cancer. We both shared the same frustration with the minimal public funding towards early detection, treating and finding a cure of the deadliest form of cancer.

I was very impressed that Roger took up the challenge of making a difference and in a short time developed a successful fund raising vehicle through the Foundation’s Annual Golf Classic. He galvanized the nation’s mattress industry to an active interest of supporting pancreatic cancer research and aligned with the best medical researchers to inspire a more prominent focus on an eventual cure of this dreadful disease.

What is distinctive about The Seena Magowitz Foundation is that it essentially accomplishes goals with two people, Roger Magowitz and Liz McBeth whose efforts tirelessly seem to do the job of 20 people. Along with volunteers to help coordinate events, zero administrative compensation and without brick and mortar overhead, all fund raising proceeds ultimately benefit pancreatic cancer research.

The SMF can turn on a dime, is nimble and can make quick decisions to maximize its mission. More importantly it is the passion of Roger Magowitz that moves people to care. It is my pleasure to lend support to him and this organization.

Jai Pausch

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